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Ax Wound

♥Gender & the Horror Genre♥

Ax Wound: Gender & The Horror Genre
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Ax Wound: Gender and the Horror Genre
“Ax Wound” is a derogatory term for a menstruating vagina. How perfect for a feminist horror zine title! It is my hope that “Ax Wound” will create a dialogue about gender in the horror/slasher/gore genre — a genre typically thought to reinforce patriarchal values. I want both the ‘zine and the website to provide a safe, stimulating environment for feminist horror fans of all backgrounds to discuss the themes of gender, sexuality, and culture in the genre both past and present. Ax Wound will also serve as a platform to help promote and bring together women in the horror industry.

Check out the website for the print zine! www.axwoundzine.com
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"Well, it's about time! What a pleasure to see a genuine feminist horror zine that also is literate, informative, and --get this-- cleverly written. Hannah, I'm your admirer. So put me at the top of your list of fans."

- Herschell Gordon Lewis (Godfather of Gore: Blood Feast, Gore Gore Girls, 2000 Maniacs!)

"Ax Wound is my favorite critical horror magazine. The articles are intelligent, funny, insightful, and incredibly entertaining. These girls know their gore, and they make you want to re-watch all your favorite films with a whole new perspective. I love it and highly recommend it to any horror fan."

- Eli Roth (Hostel, Cabin Fever, Inglourious Bastards)

"Ax Wound is far more interesting than any mainstream horror magazine. It's personal, it's handmade, it's bold. Something to aspire to in any form of artistic expression. I loves it."

- Lucky Mckee (May, Sick Girl, The Woods)

""Ax Wound is packed with more blood, sweat and tears than any mainstream horror publication on the market. It's handmade, heartfelt and hard to put down. I'm a regular reader of its lovely hacked and slashed pages."

- Jovanka Vuckovic (Editor-in-Chief of Rue Morgue Magazine 2003-2009, The Captured Bird)

"Hannah Neurotica is not only one of the most intelligent, entertaining, and insightful writers on the horror scene today but she is also someone I wish was around as a role model when I was young girl. From orchestrating forward-thinking, empowering events like Women In Horror Month to giving a brilliant voice to women and all horror people alike through Ax Wound Zine and Zine Radio, you can count on Hannah to give another layer of keen depth to your favorite films with her reviews and a take-no-prisons approach to gutsy events that not only celebrate but also bring together the horror community. "

- Jen & Sylvia Soska (Dead Hooker in a Trunk, American Mary)

"Just when you thought girls were all powder-puff and perfume, comes AX WOUND. Smart, sassy and horrifically detailed with its articles. These chicks know their horror! I personally think the name AX WOUND is brilliant." - Israel Luna (Ticked Off Trannies With Knives)